Wednesday, 19 December 2012

they've got a cherry pie there that'll kill ya

Me and J have had a dormant obsession with cherry pie for a while now. For me this obsession started several years ago when I was introduced to Twin Peaks and Dale Cooper's love for cherry pie and coffee. And as it happened I recently forced J to get acquainted with Cooper and the others.

One day when we did our weekly shopping I found a cherry pie for £1 and waved it in front of J's face, but for some reason we ended up buying a rhubarb pie instead. And as soon as we dug into the rhubarb one we realised that cherry is the only way to go- and we haven't seen any cherry pies since!

Until today.
"This is long overdue." J said and held it up in front of me. We hurried home and put the oven on, set the computer up to watch The Muppets' Christmas carols, and finally it was time.
And it tasted of nothing but sugar and the slightest hint of cherry. It was awful.

Cooper would have cried. I know I almost did.

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