Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My greatest bargain

I've been saving on this moment for a long time. I bought these dresses half a year ago, but it never seemed like the right time to show them.
These three dresses are my gems - the ones I softly touch each day when I'm deciding what to wear that day. They make me happy.

They are from a brand called Jumperfabriken, and they're clothing can be... well, rather expensive. All of these three dresses usually costs €140 when you buy them from the store. I promise you, I have never had, and never will, have that kind of money.
So imagine my surprise when I found these second hand for only €8 each!! It was probably the greatest bargain of my life.

I bought this dress in red, though. But it's the same otherwise.

Ps. It's not me in the pictures.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Month of Without - - Facebook - Week One

Sooo... How have I managed during this first week? Let's sum it up:

1. Overall it has been no problem-o, it hasn't even really been that hard. As soon I removed the apps and icons from my phone/pages, it turns out I forget that it's even there.

2. Internet time has become a bit boring. I check a forum I'm a member of, read the blogs I follow and read the news. That's it. This usually takes about 30-40 minutes out of my day. So instead I've starting to constantly refresh these pages instead of Facebook. My conscience says it's better to spend time on different people's thoughts and keeping up with what's happening in the world.

3. I did slip up once. The PING on my phone let me know I'd been invited to an event. So after talking to my friend I was hanging out with at the time, I thought it was okay to check what it was. It was not important, so I felt a bit disappointed.

4. So, have I started doing other, more creative or useful things, instead of spending time on Facebook? Yes. And no.
I've started cleaning my apartment more. I get so frustrated and bored, that I eventually have to do SOMETHING to keep myself occupied. Useful, yay!
I've started watching a lot of more TV-series. These three currently reside in my everyday life:

Again, it's debatable if this is a change for the better.

But overall I feel rather content. My slip up wasn't that bad, we're all human after all.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Lucky me - I won!

I won a contest recently, which meant I could choose two pieces of jewellery. I chose these two:

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

VW SS13 Red Label

It's no secret to my closer friends that I love Vivienne Westwood. Love. LOVE.

So I took a peek at the Red Label show for SS13. Here are some of my favourites.

I will return with photos from the Red Label SS14 as well.

A month of Living Without

I was inspired by one of my favourite blog's experiment "Living Without". They're called Minimalisterna, which in english means The Minimalists. Although sadly their blog is in swedish, so I'm not sure a lot of you people out there will be able to be inspired by their lifestyle. But you can always use google translate.

While my goal for this month will be a bit simpler to achieve, I still think it's best to start out slow. So what will I live without throughout October?

With me being home a lot, Facebook is one of the first webpages I click on when I start up my computer. I refresh constantly. It's time-consuming, and although it does bless me with my friends' eager sharing of interesting news articles, I still feel it's not worth it. It makes me sad when I think about how much time I've wasted on that site.

1. I will still be logged in during this month. I enter quite a lot of giveaways (oh, how I enjoy them!), so FB is needed for entering most of them.
2. I will not check new notices. It will surely lead me to stay and start clicking and reading.
3. I've removed the FB-icon from my starter page - on both my computer and cellphone. If I don't see it whenever I open a new tab, I will hopefully eventually forget the need to click it.

I've actually already gone a week without Facebook. But I figure another 31 days won't be a problem.
I will update during this month and let you all know how it's going. The main thing I'm wondering about is:

Will I start doing other things instead?
Productive things or just start doing something equally as meaningless and time-consuming?

Let's see.