Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My greatest bargain

I've been saving on this moment for a long time. I bought these dresses half a year ago, but it never seemed like the right time to show them.
These three dresses are my gems - the ones I softly touch each day when I'm deciding what to wear that day. They make me happy.

They are from a brand called Jumperfabriken, and they're clothing can be... well, rather expensive. All of these three dresses usually costs €140 when you buy them from the store. I promise you, I have never had, and never will, have that kind of money.
So imagine my surprise when I found these second hand for only €8 each!! It was probably the greatest bargain of my life.

I bought this dress in red, though. But it's the same otherwise.

Ps. It's not me in the pictures.


  1. Men OJ vad billigt! Grattis säger jag bara!!!

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