Sunday, 30 December 2012

Bye, bye 2012

So, turns out we weren't destined to die this year after all. I'm pretty pleased about that because being dead seems like such a silent and dark drag. I've enjoyed this year quite a bit, mostly because of:

(being dead, ahem!)


I'm spending New Years Eve at home with J and the cats since we're an old couple who hates everyone. Bisou!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Daddy came for a visit

A conversation me and my dad just had. In English, surprisingly, because we're multilingual like that.

Dad: I'm gonna go back to my....
Me: ... Place. Your place in the kitchen. Where you belong. In the kitchen.
Dad: Yes.

My dad doesn't read internet memes and bullshit, so he doesn't get the joke. But jokes aside, we're having some exotic meats on the table tonight. Zebra and kangaroo.

it was love

I'm awfully bored with internet at the moment, I can't even seem to find fancy things on ebay! I'm also nursing my latest obsession with Batman comics, so this is what's going on in my head right now:

The current series is great, I fear for the fate of Joker though, he seems to have lost it for real this time. He's absolutely terrifying. I love the relationship between him and Batman though, it's fascinating. But yeah, here's an idea of what's happened to Mistah J; he had his face cut off and disappeared for a year. His reappearance is seen to sport this new look, and he claims that he has no more boundraries:

Ah! I'll have to wait another two or three months for the conclusion of the arc. Meanwhile you'll find me catching up on old releases. There are so, so many...

Sunday, 23 December 2012

some magic thing

From Cours de Foxes, one of my new favourite blogs out there:

 "I want to share with you some magic thing. This is special box, which I have for about two years. When I went to school or rather school came to me, my german teacher told me about this play. It's about magic box and you have to put same description as me on the box. Then you need to put into this some photos from mags which you love and stuff which you would love to have and then after some time it's happen and you got all of them. All you need is beliving :)."

It's quite similar to the Wishing Tree me and Linda had a couple of years back. We made our guests, friends and family write down wishes on paper, and then we tied them to the branches on the tiny tree we had in our livingroom. It died eventually, because none of us had any idea of how to water a tree. I guess the wishes died along with it.

when I'm sad

Today I'm sad. I'm sad because I went to the station with J and I realised that I was unable to come with him to central London. Because I felt ugly and anxious and I didn't want to surround myself with strangers. He understood, of course, so I walked back alone to the flat. And it's not the end of the world, but it'd be nice to be able to actually do things on days like these.

I don't feel like being sad though because we're going to snug up in beanbags and drink hot cider whilst watching The Grinch at a specal cinema in an hour. And when I don't feel like being sad, I listen to these songs, because they always make me cheer up. All hail Ghibli!

And the wonderful ending theme to Whisper of the Heart, which is impossible to find on Youtube, so this will have to do:

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Even tiny gods laugh

Me and Linda haven't discussed just how random this blog is going to be yet, but I think we at least agreed to keep it rather "light". I guess we'll figure out the dos-and-don'ts along the way.

Both of us used to be huge fans of japanese music back in our teens. We still listen to it from time to time, but we figured out how to branch out to different genres as we got older. We used to be pretty hardcore fans, and to call us obsessed is an understatement. One of those bands, Dir en grey, has a main vocalist called Kyo, who was rather known to be a tiny person with a mighty voice. What he poured out of his soul on stage and on albums, he took back when it came to socializing and being a public figure. His band mates kinda took over. So that's why I was so shocked when I saw this gif of him laughing:

I didn't even recognise him. Strange how an image can be so imprinted in your mind, that you don't even recognise one of your favourite singers.

Things I like

That when I start writing the address for, my web browser thinks I want to go to my city's library homepage (

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

they've got a cherry pie there that'll kill ya

Me and J have had a dormant obsession with cherry pie for a while now. For me this obsession started several years ago when I was introduced to Twin Peaks and Dale Cooper's love for cherry pie and coffee. And as it happened I recently forced J to get acquainted with Cooper and the others.

One day when we did our weekly shopping I found a cherry pie for £1 and waved it in front of J's face, but for some reason we ended up buying a rhubarb pie instead. And as soon as we dug into the rhubarb one we realised that cherry is the only way to go- and we haven't seen any cherry pies since!

Until today.
"This is long overdue." J said and held it up in front of me. We hurried home and put the oven on, set the computer up to watch The Muppets' Christmas carols, and finally it was time.
And it tasted of nothing but sugar and the slightest hint of cherry. It was awful.

Cooper would have cried. I know I almost did.


Look forward to an entry inspired by my latest fascination with vintage clothing and its accessories! Living in Sweden, I will have to wait for a sunny day though, since we barerly get any light during winter.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Yellow silk

I didn't win the Humbug-shirt. Instead, I won this beautiful little number:

It goes well with my current longing for weird colours. I haven't started worrying about looking like an old maid yet. I guess it's because I feel like one sometimes, mentally. I'm thinking about getting a bunny, and become a crazy coffee-drinking ol' bunny lady. I'm allergic to cats, so unfortunately I can't walk down that road of clichés.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Baby, it's cold outside

This is Anakin, he doesn't like this season very much. So if he's not snuggled up in my arms then he's usually found here:

If you should wake him up he'll look at you with sleepy eyes and chirp. I often wonder if he secretly thinks that he is a bird.

Things I am bidding on right now

Ebay Vintage has become my new addiction. I'm especially in love with the sweater, the text being Scrooge McDuck's characteristic expression. He's always been a favourite of mine from when I read Don Rosa comics as a child. I still read Scrooge's life history once every year, preferably around winter.

Now it's time for hot chocolate and toast.

(What am I, five?)

Cat games

Testing, testing...