Thursday, 20 December 2012

Even tiny gods laugh

Me and Linda haven't discussed just how random this blog is going to be yet, but I think we at least agreed to keep it rather "light". I guess we'll figure out the dos-and-don'ts along the way.

Both of us used to be huge fans of japanese music back in our teens. We still listen to it from time to time, but we figured out how to branch out to different genres as we got older. We used to be pretty hardcore fans, and to call us obsessed is an understatement. One of those bands, Dir en grey, has a main vocalist called Kyo, who was rather known to be a tiny person with a mighty voice. What he poured out of his soul on stage and on albums, he took back when it came to socializing and being a public figure. His band mates kinda took over. So that's why I was so shocked when I saw this gif of him laughing:

I didn't even recognise him. Strange how an image can be so imprinted in your mind, that you don't even recognise one of your favourite singers.

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