Sunday, 23 December 2012

some magic thing

From Cours de Foxes, one of my new favourite blogs out there:

 "I want to share with you some magic thing. This is special box, which I have for about two years. When I went to school or rather school came to me, my german teacher told me about this play. It's about magic box and you have to put same description as me on the box. Then you need to put into this some photos from mags which you love and stuff which you would love to have and then after some time it's happen and you got all of them. All you need is beliving :)."

It's quite similar to the Wishing Tree me and Linda had a couple of years back. We made our guests, friends and family write down wishes on paper, and then we tied them to the branches on the tiny tree we had in our livingroom. It died eventually, because none of us had any idea of how to water a tree. I guess the wishes died along with it.

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