Friday, 28 December 2012

it was love

I'm awfully bored with internet at the moment, I can't even seem to find fancy things on ebay! I'm also nursing my latest obsession with Batman comics, so this is what's going on in my head right now:

The current series is great, I fear for the fate of Joker though, he seems to have lost it for real this time. He's absolutely terrifying. I love the relationship between him and Batman though, it's fascinating. But yeah, here's an idea of what's happened to Mistah J; he had his face cut off and disappeared for a year. His reappearance is seen to sport this new look, and he claims that he has no more boundraries:

Ah! I'll have to wait another two or three months for the conclusion of the arc. Meanwhile you'll find me catching up on old releases. There are so, so many...

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