Saturday, 2 November 2013

A Month Without - Snoozing.

So I decided to continue this challenge for the month of November. Inspired, as usual, by one of my favourite blogs, Minimalisterna, I'm going to tag along and live without snoozing during this month.

My initial thoughts:
- Geh.
- Do I really have the mental strengh to keep this up for a whole month?
- Let's do it.

I usually don't snooze 10-minute wise, but rather half an hour/hour wise. So a regular snoozing or alarm setting schedule for me looks like this:

These times are based on the morning news, so that I'll have time to get up and make breakfast for the news broadcast. 09:20 being at the latest, because 09:30 is the last broadcast for the morning. Can't miss it!

- The latest time for me to wake up is 09:20.
- When the clock rings, I will get up immediately. No snuggling that often ends up with me falling asleep again.
- I will set the clock on two times in the morning - one early alarm setting, and the other one for 09:20, in case I fall asleep again. (Yes, I am human).

Uhh. Yeah. That's it. Let's do this!

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