Friday, 1 November 2013

A Month of Living Without - Facebook - The End of the Challenge

It's now November 1st, and I've reached my goal. I've been living without Facebook through all of October.

- It's been rather easy.
- ... Except when the notifications start adding up. Oh, the curiosity! When my notifications reached 22-28, it was rather hard not to check it.
- Facebook isn't a necessary part of everyday life.

Misses and negative effects:
- I let my friend check my notifications once. Nothing important.
- I did check invitations sent by friends.
- I've felt a bit left out at times, when friends have referred to certain amusing clips or news that gets spread around on Facebook. I couldn't relate, because I wasn't able to participate.

Positive effects:
- I cleaned my apartment more.
- I went out and saw my friends more. A day of just lounging around at home became frustrating. (This could also be because it's autumn, though, since it's my favourite season and I always get happier during this period.)
- I started watching TV-series and anime like crazy. Solved a lot more crossword puzzles.
- I started reading a lot more news. I usually do this anyway, but during September it had cooled down. It was satisfying to resume this habit.

All in all it's been a satisfying experience. Although I've felt a bit left outside of the loop at times, I've come to realise that Facebook isn't necessary in everyday life. I think maintaining a healthy distance from this social network is a good thing. Instead of writing to friends, it's a good idea to just call them and hang out.

So - Success!

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