Thursday, 3 January 2013

December finds

A bunch of packages arrived today! As it is with online purchases, sometimes it fits, sometimes it doesn't. For a girl who has lived her life measurement-free (except for a brief period in Japan), guessing inches can get a bit tricky.

These two fit perfectly. I can really recommend this Ebay seller, from which I bought the yellow dress, as they have lots of different sizes on their dresses, as well as lovely designs.

This silky think, however, I had a bit of trouble with in the bust-area. It's a relatively new problem for me since I gained weight, so it doesn't make me too sad, haha.

Last but not least, is this lacey-sparkle-coatstravaganza. It's the typical sort of crazy clothing I feel at ease in. Unfortunately, even this is a bit tight in the bust-area, so if I want to wear it, I'll have to wear it open.

All in all pretty neat finds, eh?

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