Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A favourite dress

I am here today to talk about one of my favourite dresses. I bought this insanely cheap dress off of a swedish auction site (Tradera). It had four qualities that I look for in a dress nowadays. It has...

- Floral fabric
- A belt
- ... Which is yellow
- It's brown (since I am no longer a blonde, and have gone back to my original hair colour, which is brown, so brown colours suits me now)

Little would I expect when I clicked "Bid", that its design would be the most flattering kind. A thin waist with a fitted skirt that hugs your hips in just the right places. It also has a sown in underskirt, which is a must for me nowadays. I refuse dresses that climb up your thighs when you walk. It sort of counteracts the purpose of wearing a skirt. Its lovely pattern isn't visable, and you spend your time always tugging the fabric down. I say nay!

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