Sunday, 24 February 2013

a cat is a cat is a cat

I love cats.
I've always loved cats.
In fact, the very first memory of my life consists of two kittens in a box of hay. I had one of those kittens for sixteen years. I will never forget the day I came home from school, said 'Hi honey' to her and then never saw her again because she was old, blind and tired and had decided to seek solitude in the forest for her death as cats like to do.
I currently have two cats together with my mister in our London flat. I've had Moordje for a few years now. She's a moody princess who has tiny, triangular paws and a beautiful, black coat. She's a sophisticated cat, she will give you those arrogant looks and despise you only to follow you like a shadow and curl up on your lap a few minutes after. And then there's Anakin. Moordje hates Anakin. Anakin loves Moordje, at least he loves to annoy her. Anakin also likes to chase his tail forever in the bathtub, he loves food and he never tires of playing either with his favourite toy (a very tattered mouse attached to a string on a stick) or anything that moves. Anakin loves sleeping next to me, or on me, and he also like to sit with his hind legs straight out and his front legs in between. Where Moordje will put a delicate paw on your arm when she wants something, Anakin will meow like a kitten and pounce at something randomly.
Long story short, I worship these two. Together with Joe they are my family, my babies, my friends.
And when you sit there alone feeling upset, angry or sad, nothing helps like seeing a furry head pop up at the end of the bed. Nothing helps like hearing the sound of violent purring or dragging your palm over a soft coat of fur. And they make me laugh so much.

It's the greatest thing, sharing your life with two tiny individuals like Moordje and Anakin.

love/ linda

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